Select 3D provides a wide range of quality 3D printing, additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services in Australia.

Our 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services are for businesses (small to medium enterprises, multinationals, and sole traders) that already have a 3D model through us.

We can produce 3D prints (Prototyping and End Functional Application/Part (low volume manufacturing) for your applications in a variety of materials (Full-colour plaster-like, plastic & metal). This is typically done in Australia through our virtual farm of 10 commercial grade powder-based 3D printers.

Product Development Process

Our printers can build various sizes depending on the material used. Max size 800mm X 600mm X 400mm in metals (e.g., an engine).

Typically, the average build size in plaster and plastic is a fraction under A4. The number of prints (units) of a build will vary and we will work out the best optimisation.

We have fine-tuned our manufacturing processes that involve deploying 3d printed technologies to help in producing functional prototypes and reducing costs associated with the product development process.

3D Examples include

  • Engineered electronic prototype cases
  • CAD test verifications for high volume production
  • Full colour elegant and ornate ceiling features/rosettes. Suitable for display, light fittings (vertical and ceiling placements) for interior spaces.

What we can do?

We can assist our customers in their processes. For Presales collateral development and request for tender for large scale manufacturing and online shopping, eBooks and risk mitigation for critical spares and maintenance.

Why do customers choose Select 3D?

Our customers choose Select 3D because of

  • High-quality technical precision Australian made product/part
  • Lower inventory holdings
  • Australia wide delivery
  • No customs clearance required for rapid turnaround
  • Customisable

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) capability:

  • Full-colour plaster-like, plastic & metal
  • Prototyping and End Functional Application/Part (low volume manufacturing)
  • Build size varies depending on material. Max size 800mm X 600mm X 400mm
  • Virtual farm (network) of approximately 10 3D printers

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