Our engineering analysis services and do ability report is for those businesses (small to medium enterprises, multinationals and sole traders that have a new product or an existing product.

We will produce a report for our customers on whether a product can be converted for 3D printing (low volume manufacturing) beyond prototyping and the type of materials that can be used or substituted for the product and when to approximately change production process type. The business report can be extended to contains recommendations including which products could potentially maximize your investment.  Reports are based on the number of products and complexity of the product as follows.

  • Single Product Report
  • Up to 3 Products Report
  • Up to 5 Products Report

 Here are some examples of where our analysis services can be used

  • Australian Government – Defence
  • Electronic casings
  • Musical instruments
  • Bridal accessories

We can assist our customers in their processes.  In particular, product concept and product portfolio lifecycle management, Spares and maintenance management. Availability of materials and components during procurement.

Some ideas and products cannot be 3D printed with current technologies and materials. Hence the manufacturing process and materials is good to know to know before embarking on large projects like a full build space rocket.

Our customers choose Select 3D because of experts in:

  • Product Planning
  • Business case modelling
  • Quantity Holding analysis
  • Cost optimisation analysis
  • Risk mitigation analysis
  • Materials suitability analysis
  • Opportunity to maximise return on investments.

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  • Understand the do-ability of up to 5 products. NB Some products are not technically possible
  • Business Case Input (budget, product & project planning)
  • Generate ideas for new applications

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