Select 3D provides 3D Design and 3D Modelling services for small to medium enterprises, multinationals and Australian Government departments who do not have 3D modelling or design skills in-house, or require project resources when their own staff go on leave.

We offer product development and design using our 2D & 3D Capability from 2D CAD conversions, production of 3D models, Prototyping, and functional requirements specification for large product development projects.

Real-life use cases of our 3D Design services

  • Models of Houses and Buildings for colour and shadow verification
  • Aluminium Extrusion verifications before production run
  • Prototyping Telecommunications electronic cases.
  • Product and Application Business & Functional Requirements Specification Document – Australian Government Defence
  • Online shopping
  • eBooks

What can we do?

We assist our customers in their processes from sketching & concept development through to prototyping and low volume production in the following processes:

For Presales collateral development and request for tender for large scale manufacturing and online shopping, eBooks and risk mitigation for critical spares and maintenance

We also provide 3d architectural design, 3d visualization, mechanical engineering and 3d product rendering services.

Why choose Select 3D?

Our customers choose Select 3D because we offer professional 3d product modelling services that come with the following benefits:

  • Trusted project management and design
  • Advanced mechanical designs, 3d modelling technology and CAD services that allows creating high quality 3D printed objects
  • Australian resources
  • Better communications and process for issues resolution using Agile, PMBOK or Prince II methodologies
  • Depth of knowledge in a variety of industry sectors and applications
  • Supported by professional charted Australian engineers for Australian regulatory product compliance

Examples include:

  • Models of Houses and Buildings
  • Extrusion verifications
  • Electronic cases


  • High-quality project management and design
  • Australian resources
  • Better communications
  • Depth of knowledge in a variety of industry sectors and applications

2D & 3D Capability:

  • Product Design & Prototyping
  • CAD, 3D models
  • 2D conversions
  • Supported by professional charted engineers for Australian regulatory compliance

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