The development of a Manufacturing Business strategy requires input from several stakeholders.  Our manufacturing business strategy services is aimed for the Board room and C-suite leaders of large businesses that require an understanding where the breadth of 3D Technologies is at and what will it mean to their business.  Generally, our customers are those that are looking to leapfrog in their market through large technology infrastructure investment.  A light version is available for start-up and early-stage businesses as well.

Select 3D is able to offer our customers custom solutions: –

  • Education workshops It takes into consideration online transformation as well.
    • Workshops for the company board and c-suite team are generally 2 X3 hour sessions over 2 days. And includes preparation time, slide decks and report. – It fits nicely into yearly strategic planning process
  • Business case financial modelling,
  • Project implantation plan for 3-to-5-year horizon.

Where are our services have been used

  • The gearing reals and pulleys of large underwater cables
  • Fly leads for explosives
  • Food manufacturing – bakery
  • Smart glasses
  • procurement

We can assist our customers in their processes.  Education/training, project development and implementation planning, board room and c-suit decision making.

Customers choose Select 3D because:

  • Well round business understanding
  • Experts in 3D technologies

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Select 3D delivers integrated 3D technologies and advice from customer interaction (using 3D models) through to manufacturing (i.e. 3D Printing).

Consultants are available for organisations to provide integrated 3D business advice and solution (from marketing to infrastructure).  This includes business case development, financial modelling and project management for:

  • Website transformation
  • 3D printing facilities and Infrastructure
  • 3D printing Product viability

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