What is 3D printing?

3D printing is an alternative name to additive manufacturing and is not limited to plastics, metals and ceramics. It is typically used to create an object (eg an engineering part) layer by layer using laser technologies.


What is 3D printing used for?

3D printing is suitable for low volume runs and unusual shaped objects. It can reduce time to produce the object over conventional methods.


What are some 3D printing ideas?

We service a range of business sectors.
Here are some printing ideas:

  • Print a 3D Model or Prototype to help communicate with your customers
  • Print low volume runs of packaging and merchandise for promotional campaigns
  • Print a Product or Part to replace something old or broken
  • We do some exciting innovative thinking in our tailored on customer premises workshops.

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What are the other costs?

Contrary to common belief, it is more than sending a file to a 3D printer.
Some things to consider are:

  • Finishing (e.g. sand blasting)
  • Assembly
  • Selecting Materials Fit for Purpose
  • We provide in-depth insights through our business analysis reports.


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