Tuesday 10 April 2018

Anuja Rao

Getting Australia Ready for an economic boom.

Whilst some economists think there will be a recession soon Select 3D believes otherwise.

The future economy in Australia will be driven by the applications of 3D technologies to the business environment, which will enable traditional businesses to engage with their client/customers differently.

Growth is about preparation and engagement.  Here are 3 tips help grow your business:

  1. Understand your existing intellectual property (e.g. product or service)
  2. Look at your market and environment differently and re-segment (using 3D technologies)
  3. How will your clients and prospects interact with your business? (e.g. Virtual Reality, Augmented Data, 3D Printing)

Some exciting events are planned for in 2018 for you. See you there.  Bookings required for your private corporate workshop:

  • How to use & apply Virtual Reality & 3D Printing to your business?
  • Simple Steps – Marketing to Supplying products to your customers.
  • An Aussie Icon and other examples.
  • Suitable for businesses that have Product(s).
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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Our target is Australian based Sophisticated & Professional investors as well as Funders Managers. Please read eligibility criteria contained on this website

We screen our investors for conflicts of interests, the right support capability/capacity and compliance to Australian law.

This means NDA and Accountant’s declaration letter needs to be provided to us. 

Conflicts of interests need to be called out during any due diligence process.

Existing Shareholder’s agreement will need to be entered into.

Read eligibility criteria and complete web contact form.

*The number of investors in Select 3D Pty Ltd is currently four (4).

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