Create a talking point for the right ambiance using shapes, shadows, textures and colours for renovations, fit-outs & refurbishments (home or commercial buildings).

Great for activating open spaces or making a light, staircase, ceiling or wall the feature. Typically used for hallways, foyers, lobbies, rosettes, coffee benches and restorations etc… in quality top end luxury elegant properties (modern and heritage).

Example : Plaster lighting (chalk finish) is used to either blend into the ceiling/walls or accent features in high end quality properties (modern or period). Mix and match with group pendant drops or lamps. An alternative to traditional chandeliers.

Choose neutral or accent colours. Select 3D does direct multi-colour 3D prints which can be matched to any paint manufacturer (Dulux, British Paints, Taubmans).  Taking the hassle out painting for complex and intricate designs.

Choose from Select 3D’s standard designs or use Select 3D’s custom services to custom design any shape and any colour for small orders without firing a large-scale manufacturing plant to differentiate you in the marketplace.  Australian made too.

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