Select 3D (S3D) is a pure play 3D company.

Select 3D delivers integrated 3D technologies and advice from customer interaction (using interactive 3D models) through to product manufacture (i.e. 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing).

Our capability makes market testing new product designs easier (e.g. by changing product shape) to maximize investment. We provide high quality services that encompasses Strategy & Advice, Engineering,  3D Modelling, 3D Printing and Website/ICT integration to platforms including Smart Glasses, Robots, Virtual Reality & Augmented Data.

The result is step-wise 2D to 3D business transformation by leveraging off your business product IP and investment using the latest integrated 3D technologies. By the way, as part of our high-quality service you get proactive 3D printable innovative ideas that translates into practical & deployable solutions for your entire business.

For example, we provide prototypes and functional products (or parts) for electrical and electronic housing, enclosures, casings and fittings with full project management delivery for printed circuit boards and interior decorating. Color plaster-like materials, plastics and metals available.  For some applications.

We 3D enable a Business by leveraging its IP by …

  1. Going through client’s product portfolio to see if a product can be reshaped to generate new income or optimize material (savings) for 3D Printing
  2. Converting a product into 3D Model for feedback with their prospective customers
  3. Selecting Materials
  4. Then 3D print either for prototyping or final product with optional back end integration into business platforms

… Hence allowing customers to get more out of their product portfolio.

There is even application for spares and maintenance…

In our network, we have a virtual farm of approximately 10 3D printers in Australia of varying sizes and for different materials and applications. The build size for some applications is up to a build size of 800 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm.

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