3D Printing Applications by Select 3D

Smile with 3D Printed Body Parts & Healthcare

Build or Renovate with 3D Printed Materials.

Getaway with 3D Printed Spare Parts.

Celebrate with 3D Printed Chocolate.

3D Printed Sporting Equipment and

Plus more…

Face shield frame

Resizable online, longer lasting frame
(dishwasher safe) with disposable or
replaceable designer oval shields (x15).

Personal Protective Equipment that’s
suitable for health care applications.

Increased Protection against Flu, Colds,
Wind Spray, Corona (Covid-19), Running
Eyes, Hay Fever when used in conjunction with
a mask.

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Changing the way that clients purchase and engage with your business for custom-designed low volume products manufactured (i.e., 3D printed) in Australia.

  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth

…and much more.  We would like to help you tell your story.

Industrial Design Consultancy Melbourne

Select 3D is an industrial design consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in a wide range of additive manufacturing, 3D printing & rapid prototyping services.

Our vision is to deliver world-class integrated 3D printing technologies and advice across product design and customer interaction using interactive 3D models, as well as rapid prototyping and small volume product manufacture for commercial and industrial applications.

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping Services

Our 3D printing services help businesses that already have 3D models to get the best results with their 3D printing.

Our expertise helps you choose the right 3D printing materials, including plastic and metal, and we guarantee to deliver final products of the highest available quality to our customers.

3D printing also lowers the cost of manufacture and inventory holding for low volume runs.

Our network of 3D printers uses advanced manufacturing processes to produce state-of-the-art functional prototypes and custom consumer products that help the 3D design industry realise their visions in a cost-effective way.

Industrial Design and Product Development

We provide high-quality industrial design and product development services encompassing Strategy & Advice, Engineering, 3D Modelling & Computer Aided Drafting and 3D Printing.

The result is stepwise 2D to 3D transformation allowing customers to get more out of their product portfolio.

There is even an application for spares and maintenance for corporates and packages for start-ups.

Come on an unparalleled 3D transition with Select 3D .

We provide 2D to 3D Transformation of your business to leverage off your existing intellectual property.

3D Modelling & 3D Advisory Services

Our 3D Design and 3D Modelling services assist organisations that do not have 3D modelling or design skills in-house to harness the infinite possibilities of 3D. We are also positioned to assist organisations that require extra project resources for capacity overflow.

Our 3D engineering analysis services help small to medium enterprises, multinationals and sole traders that have a new product or an existing 3D product and want to know the most feasible way to proceed. We provide a ‘do-ability report’ that will ensure you are on the right path to making the most of your 3D project.

We also provide manufacturing business strategy for the Board room and C-suite leaders of large businesses that require an understanding of 3D technologies and what will it mean to their business. This is for businesses that are looking to leapfrog the market through large technology infrastructure investment. A lighter version is also available for start-up and early-stage businesses.

Additive Manufacturing Melbourne

Select 3D delivers integrated 3D technologies and advice from product design, customer interaction through to product manufacture (i.e., 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing) for commercial and consumer applications.


We design and model precision 3D models.  Our target market applications include custom electronics casings, building and construction, medical, entertainment, education, merchandise and Australian government.

There is even a story to tell about 3D-ebooks and 3D online shopping and its place compared to virtual and augmented reality.


We provide high quality multifaceted engineering advice on materials and product do-ability with latest 3D printable commercial grade materials and compliance to Australian standards.


We provide high precision and custom 3D prints anywhere in Australia. Where precision and size matters.


We provide high quality, well documented business cases with recommendations for the Australian Market.









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